Technotrading starts in Las Palmas
Startegic partnership with Seabay expanded to the port of Las Palmas
27 October, 2020 by
Technotrading starts in Las Palmas
Fenneke Nijenhuis

Samenwerking met Seabay uitgebreid naar de haven Las Palmas

Starting November 1st 2020 Technotrading will have a presence in Las Palmas on Gran Canaria (Spain). Technotrading will extend its existing strategic partnership with Seabay to Las Palmas. Seabay is responsible for the logistics and the sales in Las Palmas, Technotrading will provide the stock and the technical support.The partnership with Seabay already proved its merits in Algeciras. In 2016 Technotrading started a stragic partnership with Seabay in Algeciras (Spain). This proved to be a great success for all partners. With the success of Algeciras in mind, we decided to start in Las Palmas. Next to Seabay and Technotrading also Traconed, TEHO, GMS and PTR are parties in this strategic cooperation.

The customers of Seabay in Las Palmas are the ship chandlers and shipyards on Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

Las Palmas is the biggest port of Spain. It is strategically located close to the west part of Africa. This location and the nice weather make Las Palmas an ideal maintenance port for offshore units and vessels. Five shipyards and a couple of dozens of ship chandlers are operational in the port of Las Palmas.

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Our address at Las Palmas:

Seabay Marine & Offschore Las Palmas S.L.U.

Calle Misiones No 7

Poligono Industrial El Sebadal

35008 Las Palmas

Gran Canarias


[email protected]