Tetra Tools

                Tetra is het gereedschap van Technotrading. 
                Al meer dan 35 jaar een begrip in de scheepvaart! 


TETRA TOOLS |   Tools for Professionals and DIY-experts  


TETRA is already 35 years in maritime!

35 years ago Frans Banga  was making himself tools for his customers in maritime. He called them "Banga Tools". When Frans started his own company "Technotrading", change the name of the tools  to "TETRA" tools. The name derives from the abbreviation Technotrading. Since then, the "TETRA TOOLS" became synonym of quality tools in maritime. 

Nowadays, the tools are no longer made by Technotrading itself, but we have them produced for us by specially selected manufacturers. The "TETRA" blue and logo are always easy to recognize for our customers.

The TETRA TOOLS product line has a great variety  

  • Pneumatic Tools

  • Electrical Tool

  • Hoisting en Lifting Equipment

  • Hydraulic Tools

  • Connectors

  • Air-Treatment

  • Derusting Machines

  • Diaphragm Pumps

  • Submersible Pumps​

  • Fans en ventilation hoses

  • Airless painting machines

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         Industrial Cleaning Industrieel Reinigen
            Heffen & Hijsen Heffen & Hijsen
            Olie & Vet Pompen Olie & Vet Pompen
          Koppelingen & Kleppen Koppelingen & Kleppen
         Luchtbehandeling Airtreatment
             Verfsystemen Verfsystemen
            Borstels & slijpmiddelen Borstel & Slijpmiddelen
           Fans & Heaters Ventilatoren & Heaters
          Pumps Pompen
          Ontroesten & Zandstralen        O​ntroesten & Zandstralen
    Accessories & Miscellaneous Accessoires  & Diversen

Our TETRA runners!



Oplaadbare Kettingzaag 100mm, Handmodel, 4500 rpm, 21V, Incl 1,5Ah Li-ion Batterij en 110-240V Lader, in kunststof koffer

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TETRA Naaldbikhamer

TETRA Needle Scaler

Pneumatic Needle Scaler, 23 needles, model Jex-24, IMPA 590463

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TETRA Ventilator


TETRA TEF 321, Electric portable fan, 230V, 1 Ph, diameter 300 mm, IMPA 591407

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TETRA Verfmixer

TETRA Paint mixer

TETRA AT-7070 Pneumatic paint mixer with a capacity up to 40 liters, IMPA 270581

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Oplaadbare Elektrische Tuin-Snoei Schaar, 21V, Incl 1,5Ah Li-ion Batterij en 110-240V Lader, in kunststof koffer 

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New in our TETRA assortment!

 TETRA Dompelpomp

TETRA Submersible pump

TETRA TESP-3002, Electric submersible pump, 3" connection, max head 33m, IMPA 591628

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TETRA Hijsband

TETRA Webbing sling

TETRA WSB-1T1M, Polyester webbing sling, Working load 1 ton, Length 1 m, EN1492-1, IMPA 232131

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TETRA Hogedrukreiniger

TETRA Pressure washer

TETRA LD-500, Industrial Ulta High Pressure Washer, 500 Bar, 440V, 22KW, IMPA 590859

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