Winkel Hand Cleaning Wipes, 72 Pcs Bowl, IMPA 550287

Winkel Wet Wipes is a current, comfortable cleaning product with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera useful in many applications. Winkel Wet Wipes consists of a roll of approximately 72 polypropylene cleaning cloths immersed in a very powerful cleaning fluid in a small, resealable bucket. Water and soap is unnecessary, the wipes removes quickly the dirt on the hands and various types of surface. The wipes are useful during travel eg for truck drivers and mechanics.

Application Areas:
Winkel wet wipes can be used for cleaning tools, machine and motor parts, lacquered or metal surfaces, different types of plastic and ceramic surfaces and many other types of surface. Graffitti, permanent marker, oil, grease, dye, resin, tar, glue, asphalt, graphite, grass stains, rust and indistrial contaminants without effort. The liquid is skin-friendly.

Article number: 12521
IMPA: 550287

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