Tetra Tools

 Tetra is Technotrading's tool.
A household name in the shipping industry for over 35 years!


TETRA the tool of TECHnoTRAding

Tetra has been a household name in the shipping industry for 35 years!

TETRA started more than 35 years ago when Frans Banga, the founder of Technotrading was making tools for the shipping industry. In the beginning he called it "Banga tools" but a year later he called it "TETRA tools". TETRA is the abbreviation of TEchnoTRAding. Nowadays most ships have "TETRA tools" onboard and use it every day. 

We don't produce the "TETRA tools" ourselves any longer but we have a selected group of worldwide producers doing this for us. Our color  "TETRA" blue and our logo are very easy to recognise for our customers.

The TETRA tool range is very extensive and includes:

  • Pneumatic Tools

  • Electrical tools

  • Hoisting and lifting equipment

  • Hydraulic Tools

  • Couplings

  • Air treatment

  • Rust removal machines

  • Diaphragm pumps

  • Submersible pumps

  • Fans and ventilation hoses

  • Airless Paint-Spraying machines

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         Industrial Cleaning
            Lifting and Hoisting
            Oil & Grease Pumps
          Couplings & Valves
         Air Treatment
             Paint systems
            Brushes & Abrasives
           Fans & Heaters
          Derusting & Sandblasting
    Accessories & Miscellaneous

Our TETRA runners!

TETRA Diaphragm pump

Pneumatic diaphragm pump, aluminum frame, in/out 1", air inlet 1/2", SKU 11308

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TETRA Needle Scaler

Pneumatic Needle Scaler, 23 needles, model Jex-24, IMPA 590463

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TETRA TEF 321, Electric portable fan, 230V, 1 Ph, diameter 300 mm, IMPA 591407

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TETRA Paint mixer

TETRA AT-7070 Pneumatic paint mixer with a capacity up to 40 liters, IMPA 270581

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TETRA Angle Grinder

TETRA TEG-115. Powerful Angle Grinder 115 mm. 220V, 850W. 11,000 rpm. M14 spindle.

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New in our TETRA assortment!

TETRA Submersible pump

TETRA TESP-3002, Electric submersible pump, 3" connection, max head 33m, IMPA 591628

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TETRA Siphon pump

TETRA RP-25, rotary siphon pump for 200 liter drums, suction tube 1" (25mm), IMPA 614007

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TETRA Webbing sling

TETRA WSB-1T1M, Polyester webbing sling, Working load 1 ton, Length 1 m, EN1492-1, IMPA 232131

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TETRA Handpump

TETRA HHB-700B. Hydraulic Hand Pump. 700 bar. 700cc. inc. 1.5m hose, IMPA 615095

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TETRA Pressure washer

TETRA LD-500, Industrial Ulta High Pressure Washer, 500 Bar, 440V, 22KW, IMPA 590859

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