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C-Line Ventilation Tube (Air duct), Diam 400 mm, Length 20 m
€ 149.20 € 149.20 149.20000000000002 EUR
C-Line Ventilation Tube (Air duct), Diam 300 mm, Length 20 m
€ 113.35 € 113.35 113.35000000000001 EUR

Industrial cleaning refers to all forms of cleaning activities that take place within the industry. Our range is very extensive and contains everything you need in order to carry out your cleaning activities. From pressure washers to tank cleaning, we have everything!

A high-pressure cleaner is a device with which you can clean a surface very quickly and thoroughly. Most types of dirt cannot withstand the high pressure of the water. A pressure washer is connected to the water supply of a faucet. The device puts this water under a very high pressure. We offer high-pressure cleaners up to 500 bar and from 500 bar. But also high-pressure hoses, spray lances and guns, protective clothing and industrial pressure sprayers. We also have everything for tank cleaning, such as bilge sprayers, pneumatic washing pumps, hose guides, tank cleaning machines. Of course you will also find all-purpose vacuum cleaners and pneumatic vacuum cleaners in our range.

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine which pressure washer is best for your work. Technotrading is happy to think along with you. We can also put together tailor-made packages, completely tailored to the needs of your company! Call or email us!

If you want personal advice or if you want to receive a personal quote, please contact us at +31 – (0)10 – 2620844 or at  info@technotrading.nl

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