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In our online-shop you can find an extensive assortment of tools, equipment and consumables for industrial maintenance. We made sure that we can provide your withe a complete plug-and-play solution. For example if you need a pump, you can also order hoses, couplings, cables and more. For all the tools or piece of equipment we have the right consumables or accessoiries. If you can not find what you need  contact our sales team (+31 (0)10-2620844) and they will help you!

Hose Bands, Stainless Steel, 91-114mm, IMPA 614075
€ 0.41 € 0.41 0.41000000000000003 EUR
Hose Bands, Stainless Steel, 65-89mm, IMPA 614073
€ 0.35 € 0.35 0.35000000000000003 EUR