About us

Technotrading is a technical wholesaler for the shipping and offshore industry, specialized in tools and  technical consumables for industrial maintenance. 

Technotrading has been founded in 1985 and has a rich history. Technotrading and its own brand TETRA are highly recognized in the maritime industry.


Process Optimization

People oriented

35 years of experience

Technotrading the technical wholesaler for industrial maintenance

Technotrading is a technical wholesaler for the maritime and offshore industry and specialised in tools and equipment for industrial maintenance. Our office and warehouse are located in  's Gravelandse polder, Schiedam. Technosafety is the daugther company of Technotrading and based at the same adress as Technotrading. Technosafety is specialised in (personal) safety equipment for a safe working environment. Technotrading  has a presence in Spain through its strategic partnership with Seabay, on two location; Algeciras (Spain) and Las Palmas (Gran Canary).

Technotrading values its people, they are the force behind our succes. We believe that everybody should be happy in his work and be given the opportunity to develop and to learn. This philosophy also reflects in the way we treat our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders

For the Techno-team, every day is a new opportunity to improve, learn and to improve our service further. 

The origin of Technotrading

Technotrading  was founded in 1985 by Frans Banga. Frans was a tool maker, he was particularly skilled in the production of pneumatic tools. With his skills he decided to concentrate on the production and sales of pneumatic tools to the maritime industry. This proved to be an excellent decision, the company thrived and was growing rapidly. Soon it became impossble to continue with the own production and Technotrading became a technical trading company, importing tools out of the whole world.

In 2011, when Frans passed away Technotrading  was  sold to Jeroen van Waveren, the current owner. Jeroen already had more than 25 years experience in the maritime industry. He modernised the company, he introduced a new ERP-system, new procedures and new products. This boosted the sales and the growth of Technotrading. As a result of that the team of Technotrading grew from 5 persons to the existing team of 17. Nowadays Technotrading is an important company in the market for industrial maintenance.

On November 1st, 2016 Technotrading welcomed its sister-company Technosafety, a company specialised in safety and protection equipment. Initially the company was based in Oud-Beijerland, in 2020 Technosafety moved to Schiedam and is now located in the same buidling as Technotrading.

At the end of 2016, Technotrading entered into a strategic partnership with Seabay. In the partnership , Seabay handles the sales and logistics of Technotrading 's products in Algeciras and Las Palmas and Technotrading takes care of the availability of the products at those locations and the technical know - how.

Technotrading and the environment

At Technotrading we take our responsibility to future generations very serious. That is why we work as environmentally friendly as possible. We re-use packaging materials as much as possible and we work paperless since 2019. In February 2020 we installed 142 solar panels on our building. In addition, we purchased a number of electric cars that we charge with our "own" solar energy. As a result, we can proudly say that solar energy is our most important source of energy. It doesn't end there, we are now planning our next steps towards an even greener company