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Technotrading is a company with long-history, splendid vision and great people

In Technotrading, we believe that  the greatest asset of a company is its people: its employees, its suppliers, its customers and its local community. That’s is not just our philosophy but our compass in business world. 

For Techno-team everyday is a new opportunity to improve, to learn and to grow. Every day is a new opportunity to strive for excellence and high quality products and services.

How did everything start?

In 1985, Technotrading is founded by Frans Banga, an eager tool-maker whose decision to focus on maritime industry will drive the company in rapid growth. After Frans decease, Technotrading will get continued by Jeroen van Waveren who will bring fresh ideas, modern approach and a deeper understanding of maritime industry into the company, accelerating its growth and establishing it as a key player in the industrial maintenance market.

On November 1st, 2016 Technotrading welcomes its sister-company Technosafety, a company into safety and protection equipment market.

Since the end of 2016, Technotrading and our strategic partner Seabay, has significant presence in the Spanish market. Vanaf 2016 is Technotrading, via Seabay, in Algeciras vertegenwoordigt en vanaf 1 November 2020 ook in Las Palmas op Gran Canaria.

Technotrading and the environment

In Technotrading, we are aware of the impact each and every of us can have on our planet. Since day one, it has been imperative for us to ensure eco-friendly operation of our company and a reduced environmental impact.Since 2019, we decide to implement paperless policy for our in-house procedures.  February 2020, we installed 142 solar panels in our offices buildings.A year later we can proudly say that solar energy is our main energy source of our buildings.Today we are planning our next steps towards a greener company. 

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