C-Line Marine

With our extensive C-line Marine range, we offer low prices on a wide range of products. When price is the deciding factor, try oneC line article!


C-Line Marine for price-conscious customers

C-Line Marine

Because every customer is different and has different requirements, we have more than 10,000 different products in stock. This way we can supply every customer with the right product, the right quality and the right accessories.

Our C-line consists of products from our own brand C-line Marine. For customers who are very price conscious.

The range of C-Line Marine is very extensive and includes:

  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Lifting and Hoisting
  • Oil & Grease Pumps
  • Safety equipment
  • Fans & Hoses
  • Lighting
  • Domestic
  • Anti-Piracy
  • Tools
  • Accessories & Miscellaneous
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Our C-line runners


C-Line Brushing machine

C-Line PDB-9000, Pneumatic Brushing Machine, 9000 RPM,
M14, IMPA 592071

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C-Line Die Grinder machine 

C-Line CDG-4000, Pneumatic Die Mill, 4000 RPM, model GG30/54-SP6,
IMPA 592081

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C-Line Ventilation hose

C-Line Ventilation Hose,
diameter 300 mm, length 10 m, IMPA 591484

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Haakse Slijptol

C-Line Angle grinder

C-Line TPAG-4, Pneumatic Angle Grinder, M10 spindle or hole 16 mm, 11,000 rpm, IMPA 590301

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C-Line LED Headlamp

C-Line RHL-417, rechargeable LED headlamp, incl. charger, 200 lumen with SOS function and more!

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New in our C-Line assortiment


C-Line Ventilation hose

C-Line Ventilation hose for explosion-proof fan, diam. 300mm, Length 15m, IMPA 591516

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C-Line Nut Grinders

C-LINE MNS-27, manual nut grinders, set of 4 pieces in case,

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C-Line Binoculars

C-Line BN-010, binoculars with a magnification of 7x50, rainproof, Center focus, IMPA 370344

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C-Line Disposable Coverall

C-Line disposable coverall, category 1, size XL,
IMPA 190569

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C-Line Two-piece rain suit

C-Line two-piece rain suit with hood, blue, size L.
Various sizes are available.

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