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We distinguish three quality levels.
From top brand to budget line. With over 10,000 different products in stock from many different brands, you're sure to find the product that's right for you!



Every customer is different and has different requirements, threfore we have more than 10.000 different products in stock! This way we can provide every customer with the right product, the right quality and the right accessories. We distinguish 3 quality levels. From top brand to budget line!


Our A-line consists of products from top brands such as Wolf Safety, Bosch, Trelawny, Nitto Kohki and many more. This line is for customers who want only the very best and don't want to compromise. For customers who use the products very intensively. 

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Our B-line consists of our own brand TETRA ,but also other brands such as Climax and Jentan. For our customers who want a good product but do not necessarily want a top brand. For customers who use the products regularly but not very intensively.

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Our C-line consists of products from our own brand C-Line Marine . For customers who are very price conscious.

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Anti Piracy-Line

We also have an exclusive line of anti-piracy protection equipment. We have the Anti-Piracy line specially developed for ships that suffer from piracy. With products to protect the ship and crew from pirates.

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