Wolf Safety introduces the new TS/TR-60 & 65 compact ATEX flashlights
The result of more than 100 years of experience in the design and production of explosion-proof lamps!
16 May, 2023 by
Wolf Safety introduces the new TS/TR-60 & 65 compact ATEX flashlights

Het resultaat van meer dan 100 jaar ervaring in de ontwerpen en produceren van explosieveilige lampen!

Wolf has released a new generation of high-quality ATEX LED flashlights; the TR-60/65 & TS-60/65 range! "A new compact explosion-proof flashlight that combines high power and safety". Curious about what this new addition to the Wolf collection entails? Let's see what it all has to offer.

Wolf compacte zaklampen TS-65 TR-65

The new flashlights have maximum light output of no less than 330 lumens and have three power settings. They are lightweight, compact and robust. Easy to use and easy to carry; Ideal for use in the most demanding and explosive environments.

Three Power Settings:

The highest power setting gives a light output of up to 330 lumens;  

The middle setting gives 165 lumens with a longer duration of up to 14 hours.   

At the lowest power setting, the flashlight provides a useful light and lasts no less than 159 hours.

When the battery level drops to 15% of the maximum level, the lamp has a battery charge indicator that flashes (battery charge indicator only on TR / TS-65 models) and the bundle is temporarily interrupted once every 5 seconds (both TR / TS-60 and TR / TS-65 models), clearly alerting the user. The user has ample of time and is not surprised by a flashlight that suddenly "runs out". A reliable piece of technology!


Strong and robust; both the straight and angled models are made of impact and chemical resistant thermoplastic - the same super strong material that has been used for almost 2 decades for a large part of the Wolf lamps.

Ergonomically designed for comfort, all flashlights in the Wolf range are easy to operate, even with gloves on. Cord fasteners allow the flashlight to be securely attached to a work clothing, tool belt or bag.

Spare parts are readily available to allow users to replace the LED module, lens, clip, base, cassette or circuit if needed.

The ATEX Zone 1/21 TR/TS-60 models are an economical alternative to the TR/TS-65 models. Certified for use in Zone 1/21, they provide up to 220 lumens of light output from a single setting and have a battery life of 12 hours.

Features & Benefits:

With this new range of ATEX flashlights, Wolf Safety once again shows that they are the absolute market leader in the market for ATEX lamps. Find out more; here are all the features and benefits of both versions at a glance:

Light output/duration/power:​
  • Angled flashlight:
    • 300 lumens emitted (TR-65) / 200 lumens (TR-60)
  • Straight flashlight:
    • 330 lumens emitted (TS-65) / 220 lumens (TS-60)
  • Battery life at different powers: 7/14/159 hours (TR/TS-65)/Up to 12 hours (TR/TS-60)
  • Works on 4 x AA alkaline primary cells
  • 3 power modes for different light output (TR/TS-65); single mode (TR/TS-60)
  • Balanced optical capabilities
  • ATEX/IECEx zone 0 (TR/TS-65) / Zone 1 (TR/TS-60)
  • T4 temperature class 
  • IP66 and IP67; waterproof and dustproof
  • Battery Level Indicator (TR-65 & TS-65)
  • Warning if last 15% of battery life is reached
  • Angled and straight models available
  • Robust, reliable and proven materials
  • Ergonomic design​
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Large switch (easy to use even with gloves on)
  • Protection against deep discharge
  • Very robust, replaceable polymer handle and flat back increase stability when the flashlight is attached to workwear (angled models)
  • Anti-roll base (straight models) and flat base (angled models) provide easy 'hands-free' lighting
  • Two cord fasteners - one at each end of the flashlight (only right-angle models, straight models have single cord attachment)
  • Easy maintenance, spare parts available

                                                              atex compact safety led torch TR-60 TR-65                           atex compact safety led torch TS-60 TS-65   

Want to know more? All technical information can be found on the Wolf Safety product page.

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