Visit toKlingspor 2024
Klingspor Visit 2024
14 June, 2024 by
Visit toKlingspor 2024

A small impression from our visit to Klingspor!

Our Supply chain manager, Marco, visited the Klingspor factory last month in Germany. Together with Key Account Manager Remco from Klingspor, they were able to expeerien the process of many products.

Klingsport is known for supplying high quality sanding and grindin products. At Technotrading we offer many beautiful sanding discs, cutting discs and flap discs. 

Technotrading has been working with Klingspor for more than 15 years and is very satisfied with the cooperation and quality of the products.

Our Supply chain manager, Marco, Spent 3 days at the German Klingspor factory located in beautiful Haiger. The factory is immediately noticeable in small village.

During the visit, Marco had the unique opportunity to observe the production process of the different types of sanding and grinding materials. for example, he experienced the drrying procces of different types of sandpaper.

He saw how Klingspor's professionals work with passion and precision.

Marco was able to share his experience with several representatives during the tour and presentations. They have finished off with a nice dinner at the local Italian restaurant.

If you are curious about the various Klingspor products, view them now via our website in the link below.

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