Frequently Asked Questions

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Our program

We work with 3 quality levels, based on quality/price:

A - Line :  Our A-Line consists of the products from the well known high quality brands such as Wolf Safety, Bosch, Trelawny, Nitto Kohki and many others. This line is for the customers that only want the best, without compromise and are about to use the products very intensive.

B - Line : Our B-Line consists of the products from our own brand TETRA, but also other brands like Climax and  Jentan. For customer who want a good product but do not insist on top-brands and prices and who are about to use the product regularly but not intensively. 

C - Line : Our C-line consists of the products from our brand C-Line Marine. For customers who are very cost-consious.

Furthermore we have an extensive range of products to protect vessels against pirate attacks.

AP-Line : Especially for vessels that may encounter pirates we've developed our Anti-Piracy-line, with products to avoid pirate attacks or to protect vessel and crew from it.  

Advice and Service

We kindly help you to find the right tools, protection or accessories. Please tell us what you would like to achieve so we can advise what the best approach will be and what tools to use. We will respond to you inquiries within 2 hours. 

Is something worn or broken? We kindly help you to find the right spare part or we can repair it for you. In our workshop we can do most repairs ourselves. For most of our tools we have all spare parts in stock in our warehouse so you will never have to wait long.

Deliveries or collection at our warehouse 

Orders can be collected at our warehouse at the Koolhovenstraat19, 3125BT, Schiedam during office hours or we can deliver them or have them delivered by a third party;

Two times a day we deliver orders with our own transport in the Rotterdam region. Our driver starts his rounds at 10 AM and 3 PM and will deliver the orders in the most logical or required sequence. 

For deliveries outside the Rotterdam region we use GLS. We do this every day form Monday to Friday, orders received before 2 PM can be dispatched with GLS that same day.  On request we can also use other forwarders like TNT. 

Please give us a heads-up if you please to collect your order at our warehouse so we can have it ready for collection.