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5+1 Tips to choose your impact wrench
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Impact Wrench

How To Choose Impact Wrench

5+1 Tips from our Techno-Experts

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An impact wrench is a valuable tool when it comes to tasks that require extra force. Designed to provide high-torque output with minimum effort by the user,
an Impact Wrench is a worthy investment for every professional or DIYer. 

But how can you choose the right one?

When evaluating an impact wrench, keep in mind that the nature of the tasks is a critical factor. Altough a DIY automotive project has different requirements than a product assembly line, there are typical features that should be appraised. 

Here is 5+1 Tips to Choose the Right Impact Wrench

TIP 1: Check the Torque Level

This is a very important feature since it indicates how strong your impact wrench is. A High Torque Level ensurres that your impact wrench can deal with any challenge. 
To understand better the signifficance of the torque, Iets simplify and imagine we want to tighten a nu with a manual wrench. The shorter a wrench is the more strength is needed in order to lighten the nut. That is because the shorter the manual wrench the less lever it has and the less torque it can deliver. For an impact wrench, the torque is the outcome of a mechanism that produces strong blows. The torque level you need depends on the nature of tasks you want to produces strong blows. For heavy duties that require excessive torque we suggest a pneumatic impact wrench because it can provide higher torque levels than an electrical impact wrench. 

TIP 2: High Rotations per Minute 

RPM or ratotaions pe rminute is an indicator of the rotation speed of your tool. The higher the RPM, the higher the momentum of the moving part of your impact wrench. That momentum is transferred to the fastened part as torque. Subsequently, higher rpm will provide you with some extra torque than the stated one. But for more delicate jobs you want to be able to reduce the speed to a very low level. 

TIP 3: Mind your Square Drive

Tip No3 sounds common sense but is one of the most frequent mistakes people make when they buy an impact wrench. Choosing the proper size of sqaure drive is an important factor of the life expectancy of your tool. The nature of the tasks you want to perform will determine whether you need a ½ " , ¾"  or 1" square drive or even higher for very specific heavy jobs. 

TIP 4: Electric or pneumatic driven

An electric impact wrench offers different characteristics than a pneumatic impact wrench. An electric impact wrench is often used for smaller bolts, the square drive is normally  ½ ". It's available in a cable and battery version although the battery version is the most widely used because it is so easy to use. Pneumatic impact wrenches are mainly used for continuous work and for heavier jobs.

TIP 5: Socket Time

Do you know which square drive covers your needs? it is time to choose your socket set for your impact wrench. Be careful! Not all sockets are compatible with electrical tools. The socket set you will choose, must be designed for impact tools. To begin with, you have to ensure that you know how to find the right size. And although it souds easy, there is a trap. Nowadys not all the sockets' measurements are in inches. The drive size is different than the socket size and has to do with the compatibility of the sockets with drive of the impact wrench. In case you change from a different size driver impact wrench to another, you can use an adaptor to adjust your old sockets with your new impact wrench. 

The depth of the socks varies and depends on the purpose of use. Usually, if you do not know what is the depth of you need, is advised to go for a deeper one. However, shallow sockets are also needed in tricky narrow spaces that you will not be able touse the deep ones. 

Last but not least, you have to choose the point of the socket set. Once again, that depends on the nature of the tasks you want to perform. For DIYers the 12-point sockets are suggested being built for easier alignment. One the other hand, heavy duty professionals maybe would prefer the sturdy 6-point sockets that can provide severe torque. 

EXTRA TIP: Stay Safe! 

That is a parameter that most of the buyers forget about. Impact Wrenches, especially the professional ones, produce immense sounds and vibration that can cause considerable damage to your ears, hands, wrist & elbows. Therefore, among the right impact wrench and durable socket set, DON'T overlook ear defenders, anti-vibration gloves and safety goggles. If you are working in a dusty environment a face respirator will also be needed. 

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