Winkel Universal Bio Cleaner 1 Lt, with spray pump, IMPA 551511

It is a high-quality multi purpose cleaner that contains no hazardous solvents and dilutes with water to serve a wide range of industrial cleaning applications. It is for quick and effective removal of dirt like grease, oil spots, lubricants, tar, wax, food stains etc. Generally used for plastics, machinery, floors, engines, motors, bearings, windows, and upholstery. It also removes light metal oxidation and gives material back their natural shine. It can be diluted 1/5 according to the condition of dirt and oil. It is biodegradable and non-flammable. There are no acids and phosphates. It can also be used with a pressure pump.

Usage: Spray the surface to be cleaned and let it set for a few seconds. Then rinse with clean water. In the case of heavier soiling, rub with a swap/brush on surfaces without dilution. The product must be diluted when it is used in interior cleaning (console, plastic areas). (10% Bio cleaner - 90% Water). It is recommended to mix the water first and then the material so that it does not foam too much.

It can be used on all surfaces except leather. It is harmless to the skin.

Article number: 12505
IMPA: 551511

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