Anti Piracy Line

Good preparation makes the difference!
With our Anti Piracy Line you keep pirates off board and limit a pirate attack.
We have a complete range to protect ships & crew against pirates.


Anti Piracy Line, everything to protect your ship and crew from pirates!

Pirates are still a big problem for shipping!

Where pirates appeal to the imagination in books and films, this is at odds with reality. Ships are still attacked by pirates every day. This has major (financial) consequences for the crew, the ship, the shipping company and the environment.

Technotrading developed a package of Anti-Piracy products.
This package is intended to keep pirates off board and thereby limit the risks of a pirate attack.
A complete Anti-Piracy package consists of a number of chests containing everything to protect a ship and its crew against a pirate attack, such as 'razor-wire', body armor and helmets, 'anti shatter' film, and night vision goggles.
In addition, we also sell individual Anti Piracy products.

The range of Anti Piricay consists of the following product groups;

  • Protective clothing
  • Braided steel wire
  • Tools
  • Bulletproof
  • Razor wire
  • Shards of foil
  • Miscellaneous

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Our Anti-Piracy runners

AP-Line Gloves

AP-Line Cowhide Gloves
provide protection for razor wire insertion

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AP-Line bulletproof helmet

AP-Line bulletproof helmet, PASGT design, Black, approved
and certified NIJ IIIA .44

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AP-Line Bulletproof Vest

AP-Line Bulletproof vest with floats, black, approved
and certified NIJ IIIA .44

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Anti Shatter

AP-Line Anti Shatter Film

AP-Line Anti Shatter Film, transparent, 8 mil (200 micron), 
152 x 15 meter, IMPA 150821 

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New in our Anti-Piracy assortment

AP-Line banden

AP-Line Straps

AP-Line straps for attachment of razor wire, 300 x 8 mm, stainless steel, per box of 100 pieces

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AP-Line Apron

AP-Line apron for installing razor wire, made of cow leather in black.

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Levengrote pop

AP-Line Male Dummy

AP-Line life-size male dummy, solid base, without clothes or wig, IMPA 314116

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AP-Line Night Vision

AP-Line night vision, 5x 50, Night scout, IMPA 370355

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Metaal detector

AP-Line Metal Detector

AP-Line portable metal detector for security / IPSP purpose,
incl. holster

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